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The club has worked with the town of China and the Selectboard to open up road access on Bog Road and part of Pleasant View Ridge Road to give us a full loop around town. We have been granted access from 8:00 am to Sunset on a trial basis and could be shut down if WE as the ATV community do not respect what the club has worked so hard to achieve for your benefit. Please follow the signs and rules. PLEASE maintain a safe speed and be respectful of landowners along the route. It is imperative that we show everyone that we value the access we have been granted. The Kennebec County Sheriff and Warden Service will be watching that area closely.

Please look at Color Legend on the map. Thank you for following the rules and as always enjoy your ride!!

Tom Rumpf
President China Four Seasons Club.

ATV Parking

These are our “Suggested Parking” areas for the trails.
Other parking areas are private property and are not good for parking without permission.

The CFSC Trail System
Please stay on Marked Trails

As some of you may know, the Governor’s task force and the legislature have enacted new laws pertaining to the size and weight of the wheeled off-road machines typically used on our trails. Additionally, they will be enforcing trail conditions and will be shutting down any trails they deem unsafe or that violate any DEP standards. This includes any trails that drive through running water. Keep in mind – just because it looks like a mud puddle does not mean the water is not considered running.

In the last five years, the China Four Seasons Club has completed approximately $140,000 in trail work which includes countless volunteers and hired manhours to make the trails better for everyone. We have recently had some incidences on our trails that could jeopardize the system we have fought so hard to improve and maintain. 

We always encourage our members to have fun while riding with safety and respect for others in mind. All our trails incorporate privately owned land as well as land owned by municipalities such as the Town of China and our largest landholder – CMP. 

We typically keep the trails closed until June to allow the ground to firm up to prevent minimal damage caused by riding on soft ground. There is not much that we can do after June 1st if rain causes puddles and muddy areas. We know these muddy areas can look tempting for some “good ole” four-wheeling fun and we understand that that is also part of wheeling. When that fun gets out of hand and causes extensive damage, our trails, and the rights we have been granted for riding on them come into jeopardy. We know that there are muddy and wet areas that are on marked trails, but we are asking everyone to please stay on the trails and ride through wet areas with care.

We also know that not all riders on our trails are members of the China Four Seasons Club and we would like to think that our members are not participating in destructive activities. The reality is, if this type of damaging action continues, we can lose our access and the CFSC trails will be forced to close – for everyone.

We are asking that you continue to ride up to club standards and treat the land and other riders as you would like to be treated. Have fun on the trails. Please respect slower riders and pass with care. Take any trash that you have with you and dispose of it in appropriate receptacles. If you see others behaving in an unsafe manner, riding off-trail, and doing what could be damaging or have other concerns, please contact the local Game Wardens at 1-800-452-4664.

Thank you all for your attention. Ride Safe!

Out on the Trails!

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